Creating a Well-Oiled Machine

I think I may need to schedule in more writing time.  There’s a lot I want to write about, but don’t seem to have time and energy at the same time to do it. I have the house to myself today – well, with Master.  Everyone else is out and about for the day – […]

I live in Narnia

So there’s been a lot of changes in our lives. First, we’ve moved.  It was a sudden and necessary move. Fortunately, another family had room to offer us.  They’ve allowed all of us and the cats to move in.  It’s taken a bit of adjusting to and I think we’re still trying to get a […]

Another update

Appreciation – I’ve made note of various things over the days.  I don’t remember which days were what. But what I have appreciated is that Master has made dinner a couple times.  He’s let me do things on my own.  Over the weekend, he let me explore and even encouraged it some.  He even stood […]

A Great Night

Appreciation: 7/30 – I appreciate that Master went to the dungeon with me and that he played with me.  It was ….wonderful. 7/31 – Today, I appreciate that he let me relax and took care of a couple of the smaller chores. In the last few days, we’ve talked more about money and finances than […]

Appreciation and ramblings.

I’m going to start this post with the last couple of days of appreciation statements: Wednesday, 7/27 – I appreciate that Master allowed me to go to the show (Magic Mike – most to come later!). Thursday, 7/28 – I appreciate that Master took it upon himself to fix dinner.  He did this without me […]

Maintaining Your Dynamic Through Life’s Curve Balls.

Tonight I went to the MAST meeting with A.  The topic was “Maintaining your Power Exchange Dynamic Through Life.” As with most meetings, there was lots of interesting discussion.  I’m very curious about this topic, as I struggle with this all the time. I struggle because it’s hard to maintain that “role” through the different […]

Goal Time

I had it in my head to write earlier, but when I sat down to do it, I realized how exhausted I am. I walked 5.37 miles, to the store and back. I should have gone a little earlier, I think.  The trip home was worse and I had to stop more often.  I took […]